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Virtual Career WorkOut at Northampton School for Girls (virtual)

Date 13th Mar 2024

Time 11:30 - 12:05

Facilitator Carolina


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Northampton School for Girls (virtual)

Briefing Notes for Volunteers

Thank you for booking on to a Worktree Virtual Career WorkOut session.  The session will introduce students to work guests from different work backgrounds so they can find out what it’s really like in different jobs. Students simply ask guests questions about their personal experiences of work.  Below is some more information regarding the session. 

How will the session run?  You will join up to four other work guests in the virtual classroom using MS Teams.  You will receive the MS Teams link once booked into a session.  Please ensure you have MS Teams installed on your device/laptop/computer.  After clicking the link, and maybe waiting a minute or two for the Worktree Facilitator to finish briefing the students, you will immediately find yourself in the virtual room and being asked by the Worktree Facilitator to introduce yourself in less than a minute along the lines:  what is your role, how long have you done it, what job were you thinking of when you were the age of these students?  The Worktree Facilitator will facilitate and manage all the asking and answering of questions in the virtual classroom.

What questions will I be asked?  We can't be certain because students are invited to come up with their own questions (relating to your experiences of work).  Here are the questions we give students to consider

MS Teams lobby. The Worktree facilitator will admit you into the classroom from the MS Teams lobby.  This may take us a few minutes therefore please do stay on the link even if a few minutes over the starting time. 

Sound/Camera. Please check that your audio and camera are working.  If possible select a 'blurred' background.  When you are not speaking during the session, click mute to eliminate any feedback/background noise.  When you are asked a question, please unmute to give your response.  

Photos/Recording. Due to School safeguarding policies, you are not permitted to make a recording or take images of the session.  

Dress code - Professional smart casual or work uniform.

Language. Please simplify any business or technical terms, avoid acronyms if possible, and give examples.  Please do not comment on student behaviour, unless positively (Worktree will address any behaviour issues directly with the school). Please avoid referring to other similar sessions you have attended as we want students to enjoy the uniqueness of their session.

What if I can’t make it?  Please try to find a replacement and contact Bhupinder as soon as possible on 07749 223918, bhupinder.roda@worktree.org (otherwise Tom on 07962 838685, tom.bulman@worktree.org).

Technical difficulties. If you encounter any technical difficulties at the time of joining, please contact Bhupinder on 07749 223918

Support  during the session. If at any point you require assistance during the session, please use the ‘raise hand’ icon and the Worktree facilitator will support you.

Are there ID or vetting requirements?  There is no need for ID or vetting because a Worktree facilitator and a school teacher will always be present so guests will be supervised.