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Primary WorkOut at Loughton School

Date 20th Apr 2030

Time 09:00 - 15:00

Facilitator TBA


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Loughton School
Bradwell Rd,
Milton Keynes,

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Primary WorkOut! helps 9-11 year olds develop knowledge of the world of work and employability skills by introducing them to a range of local employers in two-hourly classroom carousel sessions.

After a 10-minute briefing assembly you will be taken to a classroom. Each class group spends approximately 20 minutes with you and then the classes will move round. You will see 3 or 4 classes depending on the size of the school.

Once you are in your assigned classroom the procedure is as follows:-

  1. The first part involves the students asking you closed questions to which you can only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  The aim being for them to ‘guess your job’. You are allowed to answer ‘sometimes’ or ‘occasionally’  if for example they ask ‘ Do you travel in your job?’ but try to answer what you would do for the majority of the time. We will provide question sheets If the students are struggling to think of question.  They can read a question from this sheet if needed.
  2. If after 5 minutes they have not guessed your job please give them a couple of clues. If after a few more guesses they have still not guessed you will have to tell them! (Some jobs are more difficult to guess than others)
  3. Once they have guessed your job please take a minute or two to talk about a typical day and what your job generally involves (tasks, team, clothing/equipment etc.). Then pass around your items/props/photographs of your workplace that you have brought from work. Previous items that guests have brought in have been marketing literature, project plans/computer printouts/spreadsheets, a policeman’s helmet, clothing, headsets, dancing shoes etc. Physical items are always best.  Any promotional items with your company logo on are always good to show.  Don’t forget to keep your item(s) hidden until the students have guessed your job!
  4. After that please welcome the students to ask as many open questions as they can about your job/place of work/career journey.  
  5. Try to inform the students about the employability skills and personal qualities needed for your job, with special emphasis on regular attendance, punctuality, teamwork, communication, problem solving etc.



Where do I go? Please report to the School Reception at 10.00am.  Car parking and mobility spaces are available in the main School car park. If this is full, then please park on the main road of the School or the Talbot Car Park which is a pay by phone car park which is located next door to the School.  

Who is the School contact? The main School contact for this initiative is Rebekah Green.

Worktree contact on the day - Theresa Mercer, 07966 204109